Choosing your word for 2017

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Do you need a word of the year printable?

Word of the year printable! My gift to you…. a printable at the end!

For years I have seen people choose an inspirational word in January to guide them for the year. It symbolizes something they want to strive for in some way. Some people want boldness, courage, love… there are many wonderfully empowering words out there.

January of last year I decided to do it myself. I wanted to be free of the anxiety and the push and the busy-ness. I wanted peace.

So I chose my word: BE.

I decided as the year went on, I would choose one sub-topic at the beginning of each month of something I thought was fitting.

I loved having an overall theme with bite-sized pieces. It didn’t feel overwhelming at all.

My journey: taking it month by month

In January I needed a break from the stillness, so I chose Be Still. It was the perfect choice to slow down, and heal from the rush of 2015.

In February I wanted to connect with my artistic side, so I made a goal to put pencil to sketchbook every day of February, to Be Creative.

In March, I was overwhelmed with the mess of things, and chose Be Clean for the focus. I purged Marie Kondo style (7 bags of clothes to start!), and got better control of my home.

In April, we knew we were moving out of state for a new job, and I had to get serious to get things ready. Be Focused helped me make decisions faster and work harder.

In May, I chose to Be Intentional. I needed to be mentally with my children when I was with them. I needed to be efficient with my photography clients to have enough time for everything that needed to be done, and getting our home sold.

In June, with our home still not selling and so many things completely up in the air about moving, I needed to trust God more. So Be Prayerful helped turn my focus away from things I had no control over to Him.

Halfway there!

In July, our home still on the market, and no housing options panning out, I chose Be Faithful

In August, our home was finally under contract! Yay! But no housing options yet. (I’m sensing a trend here…) I chose Be Patient because I felt things would work out. And of course they did.

In September we began our homeschooling journey, so I chose Be Loving. What else would you choose for the first time spending 24/7 with your kids?? Be not insane? Just kidding. It was a nice easy break from life.

In October we were finally in our new home, and I chose Be Joyful. I could rejoice in being as a family, in our own home, officially homeschooling.

In November I chose to Be Thankful before I remembered it was Thanksgiving month. I needed reminders amid the rigors of homeschooling that I do have so many blessings.

In December I chose Be BelievingIn November I began reading the Book of Mormon all the way through, which I haven’t done for a while. My goal was to finish before Christmas. I found myself to be more alive in every aspect of my life, and my Christmas this year was even more special than last year because of it.

I am impressed with myself that not only did i actually finish what I set out to do, but it was truly meaningful and changing to me.

Do you want BE to be your word?

If so, I have a lovely word of the year printable for you. I want to help you on your journey to become as well.


As you go throughout this year, I want to hear if this helped you. What are your “Be” words?

I hope to see you back often for our creative journey.

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