Hi there. I am Amber Fife.

I have 3 vivacious sons and a sweet toddler girl. I am married to a newly-minted university professor (also self-published author), and I just began homeschooling our kids. We have 2 dogs, one of which likes to run away. Fast. It’s a good thing he’s so cute. I’ve been a photographer since 2006, and I adore creating photographic images.

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If you’ve not read my very first post for this site, go check it out. It tells you why I started this blog.

I am a life-long creative soul who is seeking fulfillment in creation. I made friendship bracelets and vinyl keychains when I was young, pop-up short story books and hand-drawn board games. Art instruction in school and college gave me even greater sights to reach for—ceramics, jewelry making, silk painting, sculpture and photography. Falling in love with creating images, I ended up running a successful photography business.

Summer 2016 we moved from Norman, Oklahoma to Mullica Hill, New Jersey. I decided to put photography business on hold while I began homeschooling. I feel so much more peaceful; I enjoy playing and teaching my kids, and most days we don’t even get out of our pajamas. (Shh! Don’t tell anyone!)

I love colors and creation. I could watch dessert making on instagram for hours (true story), or modern calligraphy creations. I love perfection and excellence. In my own creating, I strive for perfection; I strive for mastery. With all of my vast interests and pursuits I will never achieve that in every aspect. But the striving propels me forward.

I am Amber Fife, the Incomplete Creative.


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